Jedi around the galaxy are being viciously hunted and killed by the evil Galactic Empire. Aware of the imminent danger, Jedi Master Boemana Tora and her Padawan Makal Lori, flee to the outer rim systems close to the planet of Lothal.


TECHNICAL SPECS: RED Epic Dragon and JDC Zeiss Xtal Xpress anamorphic lenses

Directed By: Pokey Spears, Noel Braham

Starring: Noel Braham, Pokey Spears, Georginna Savoye

Co-Starring: Bria Roberts, Sal Perales, Brent Rudmann, Ben Baker, Dupree Jones, Christopher Robert Baker, Emmanuel Paja

Producers: Mario Contini, Georginna Savoye, Lyndon Berresford, Philip Michael, Michael Simpson Jr, Sean Nobles, Michael Chance

Executive Producers: Noel Braham, Pokey Spears, Arthur Donaldson

Director of Photography: Mario Contini

Editor: Ryan Stevens Harris

Visual Effects Supervisor: Bryan Gonzales

Associate Producer: Reggie Rock

Costume Designer: Elizabeth Rage

Music Composer: Ryan Leach

Sound Designer: Michael Kao

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